Music, etc

Music and other ways to come together and Create Peace!

We can make music together over the internet or in person, this can be much easier than you think.
You can find out more at

Collaborations are definitely welcome (in person or over the internet) and the thing I really need most from someone is they add their voice to my music.
I can write music, play a variety of instruments, sequence, mix etc but I really need a singer, so please, if you sing let me know.

If music isn’t your thing then you can be involved in other ways.
There are countless ways you can bring peace into being or be a part of doing that.

Being informed and vocal, involved and willing to talk to people. ALL people no matter what their views or political stand, is vital.

Use your imagination to figure out ways to bring about peace and make this a better world, don’t just rely upon some hero or leader, there are none that we should reply upon.

If you would like to get ahold of me to be involved with the music, have ideas, questions or anything else please Click here.

If you want to be involved with the music, click here.

Don’t ever doubt your ability to help peace be and grow.