Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

This site doesn’t collect your personal information about your browsing habits.

Who we share your data with

Nothing of yours is shared with anyone by us unless you choose to have it shared (such as music, writings, etc that you gave permission to share)

Who holds rights to music, writings, video, etc and does this site sell or charge for any of it

Whoever is the creator(s) of the work(s) hold the rights and decides what is done with it.
If you share a video link or text of a poem or any other creation to have it here for display then you (or whoever created it or holds the rights) holds the rights.
This site does not claim rights to anything by you or others nor does it charge any fees, sell or rent out your creations.
If you collaborate with me or someone through here then those involved in the creation (song, video, poem, lyrics, whatever) hold the rights equally unless other agreements are made.

If anyone wants to use or share anything on this site they must get permission of those that own it, those that created it and hold the rights.
Some things may state they are open for some or any use by others but unless they state that then:
All Rights Reserved and are copyrighted by the creator or creators.
Contact with any questions unless the specific work/creation/song/art/etc has contact information listed to the creator(s) and you can talk with them about what you would like to do an what they will permit.


The web hosting for this site may have analytics built in the hosting account and if so we have attempted to turn them off. No permission for them to use any information of the visitors to this site has been given and we don’t access any of those either.

Plug-ins/add-ons, etc to this site are kept at a minimum and none have been given permission to use any information of the visitors to this site.

Privacy is a very valid concern in these times. For privacy and safety on the internet there are many steps you can (and should) take.
Those can be anywhere from using a browser with “private” tabs or settings, considering using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), using more private search engines (such as Duck Duck Go, StartPage or Metager) that do not harvest your browsing information which Google and many others do, clearing history, cache, etc, etc.
There’s way more to it than you may think. Your smart phone has the ability to track you, has a microphone and cameras and even smart tvs and of course voice activated devices (Alexa, Siri, etc) can monitor you, so read up as much on your own.
One site I’d suggest you use as part of educating yourself is the Electronic Frontier Foundation with has this guide at the following link. It’s a good start but you need to read more than just that.
Link mentioned above